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Arcadia Natural Sunlight T8

Item #: s-ar-42r80x

Die Natural Sunlight ähnelt der ReptiSun 2.0 und zeichnet sich wie diese durch exzellente Farbwiedergabe und gute Lichtausbeute aus. Damit eignet sich diese Röhre hervorragend zum Ausleuchten von Terrarien.

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With 2-3% UVB and about 10% UVA it is targeted primarily for use with snakes, amphibians and invertebrates that do not need UV radiation. However, this lamp is an excellent light source for every terrarium thanks to its brightness. It is recommend to use special UV lamps like the D3 Reptile in combination with the Natural Sunlight to achieve the best possible lighting results.   
See your animals in the way nature intended - as if lit by the sun. The Arcadia Natural Sunlight Lamp for all species with a lower UVB requirement • • • Simulates the full UV spectrum of natural sunlight High light output Produces excellent natural colours Why the new Arcadia Natural Sunlight lamp?Â… As a rersponse to numerous requests for a lamp suitable for the many species that need a lower UVB and UVA output than the Arcadia D3 Reptile Lamp.
For which species? 
This lamp has been created especially for those species such as geckoes, snakes, amphibians 'frogs, toads, salamanders etc.', spiders, scorpions, stick insects and others who do not need as high a UVB and UVA output as achieved by the Arcadia D3 Reptile Lamp. For all reptiles such as iguanas, bearded dragons, chameleons, skinks and tortoises, requiring a higher UVB requirement, needed for the synthesis of Vitamin D3, use the Arcadia D3 Reptile Lamp with over 5% UVB and 30% UVA.
What is the new Natural Sunlight Lamp?Â… A newly created full spectrum fluorescent lamp designed to simulate, as closely as possible, the spectrum of natural sunlight in the UV and visible colour regions. Designed to give a warm natural balance and excellent colour rendition with an optimum light output and a colour temperature close to that of natural sunlight at 5,600K. Why use the Natural Sunlight lamp?Â… A species kept in a vivarium or cage may well be deprived of natural UV light, needed for health and well-being, as any daylight passing through a window pane would have had most of its UV filtered out. Note: Incandescent bulbs, including neodymium types do not emit UV and thus are not suitable as UV emitters.
Correct lighting helps maintain the species behavioural and physiological well being, increase its appetite, enables it to see properly and promotes breeding, as well as to give us, the viewer, hours of pleasure. Use the Arcadia Natural Sunlight Lamp for optimum viewing of those nocturnal species, where natural light without high levels of UV is needed. Vitamin D3 synthesis/UVBÂ… Many species can synthesise Vitamin D3 from sunlight through their skin, required for healthy bone development and growth and helping to avert metabolic bone disease. Specifically, it is the UVB within the spectrum that enables this.
The amount needed by each species is specifically catered for in the two Arcadia lamps, with the D3 Reptile Lamp catering for those where high levels of UVB are required, and the Natural Sunlight Lamp for those where the requirement is lower. Why UVA? Unlike humans, who have trichromatic vision, enabling us to see only three primary colours - red, green and blue, we now know that many reptiles, amphibians and other species, have tetrachromatic vision. This enables them to see the shorter UVA wavelengths of the spectrum that form a part of natural sunlight. This UVA, or fourth primary, can be critical for the behaviour, including reproduction and feeding - life without UV would be the equivalent of us seeing everything in black and white, only worse.
Tips on use Do not use a glass or protective lens between the lamp and the species as this will filter out most of the UV. It is important that the Natural Sunlight Lamp is replaced each year due to UV phosphor deterioration. Do not rely on lighting to provide all the Vitamin D3 synthesis needed. An appropriate diet and supplements are also important. Fix the lamp at the top of the vivarium. The addition of an Arcadia Reflector will ensure that all the light is focused downwards and the intensity is increased. For nocturnal species, make sure that there is an area where they can shelter away from the light and give them the necessary period of darkness each day. Use in conjunction with the Arcadia Freshwater Lamp or Arcadia Original Tropical Lamp to enhance colour rendition and growth for planted and wet vivariums.
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